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The ideal gift for better sleep, improved relaxation and a sense of calm.... Life sucks when you're not sleeping well. It's a recipe for being grumpy, snappy, confused, and all round miserable. It's not in the slightest bit glamorous, like in Lost in Translation, or adorable, like in Sleepless in Seattle. It just sucks.

Luckily, we've found this amazing Better Sleep Gift Pack. Phew! What a relief... So treat yourself, or someone else who's struggling to count all of those pesky sheep, to a better night's sleep.

Containing a professional Hypnotherapy CD, a fantastic self-help booklet, and a humorous guide to living a long and healthy life, this pack gives you all of the tools that you will need to guide yourself into a restful night's sleep, tonight and always.

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    Better Sleep Gift
    Better Sleep Gift Contents


The 'Better Sleep' pack contains:

  • Welcome letter - explaining how to use the booklet and CD
  • Hypnotherapy CD - specially recorded by a fully-trained and practising Clinical Hypnotherapist to help you re-programme your sleep patterns
  • Detailed self-help booklet, explaining - Insomnia: what is really is, and the different types; Get to the bottom of what is really causing your insomnia; Practical steps to help you sleep better; How conscious thoughts affect the unconcious state of the mind
  • The Little Book of Long Life - A humorous guide to living a long and healthy life

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