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  • The Results of a Creative Evening

    We've had a few cold & rainy days recently, which has provided the perfect opportunity to spend our evenings curled up on the sofa under a cosy Stunning French Quilt, listening to some lovely music, drinking wine out of a beautiful Wine Glass, and jotting down whatever we feel like into one of our fabulous Notebooks. Here is an example of the fabulous results that you might end up with... (curtesy of our esteemed Manager's recent Zinc-inspired evening!) Continue reading

  • What Makes A Good Wedding?

    The weekend before the one just gone, yours truly was lucky enough to attend one of the most enjoyable and lovely weddings I’ve been to for a very long time, one of my BFFs, beautiful Nikki.

    Here at Zinc we get a lot of Brides considering setting up their wedding list with us (short answer is yes, we can do it!), and we get a lot of people buying wedding gifts, so it got me thinking about what makes a really good wedding…

    Of course every wedding is personal and what one couple loves another may hate, but we think that from a guest’s point of view there are a few little tips that can make the day that little bit more special. Continue reading

  • Bring Spring Into Your Home With Bird-Themed Accessories

    Bring Spring into your home with these beautiful bird-themed homewares accessories and art!

    Here are our Top 10 bird design home decor items;

    1. Sparrow Salad Bowl and Servers
      The charming sparrow server handles slot perfectly onto the rim of the salad bowl, and instantly add a dash of quirky springtime fun to your kitchen and dining table.
      Sparrow Salad Bowl And Servers Continue reading

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