Bring Spring Into Your Home With Bird-Themed Accessories

Bring Spring into your home with these beautiful bird-themed homewares accessories and art!

Here are our Top 10 bird design home decor items;

  1. Sparrow Salad Bowl and Servers
    The charming sparrow server handles slot perfectly onto the rim of the salad bowl, and instantly add a dash of quirky springtime fun to your kitchen and dining table.
    Sparrow Salad Bowl And Servers
  2. Cute Bird Cushion
    If your home could do with a touch of woodland charm, then this stylish bird cushion will instantly take any room from functional to beautiful in one easy step.
    In The Woods Cute Bird Cushion
  3. Sparrow Keyring & Holder
    Not only is this little sparrow keyring adorable (it even lives in its own lovely birdhouse!), it is also practical and chic.
    Sparrow Keyring And Holder
  4. What Should Be Vintage Poster
    What could embody the spirit of springtime more than this wonderful vintage poster, with its lovely quote, colourful spring flowers and quirky, solitary bird.
    What Should Be Poster
  5. Driftwood & Birds Candlestick/Vase
    This delicate white china driftwood-style candlestick, with two little birds perching on the branches, can also be used as a vase for a single colourful flower to add an elegant splash of spring to your home.
    Driftwood and Birds Candlestick-Vase
  6. Rob Ryan Four Seasons Plate Set
    Each of these beautiful plates embodies one of the four seasons, featuring a tree in various states of growth, along with charming figures, poetic verses, birds, fruit and flowers.
    Rob Ryan Four Seasons Plate Set
  7. Beautiful White Ceramic Bird Jewellery Box
    The dainty little bird on the lid of this practical yet stylish jewellery box will add a touch of classic glamour to any bedroom.
    Jewellery Box
  8. Decorative Birds
    Nature enthusiasts everywhere will adore these lovable little birds. They will infuse any room with a quirky, playful, springtime flavour.
    Decorative Birds
  9. Owl Mug (Quentin Blake)
    Drinking from a mug that features such an enchanting owl, illustrated by the iconic genius that is Quentin Blake, makes all beverages taste better. Fact.
    Owl Mug
  10. Parrot Photo Album
    A marvellously bold and colourful parrot adorns this sumptuous photo album. It would certainly liven up any coffee table, whether it contained photos or not!
    Parrot Photo Album

So there you have it, a fabulous list of the perfect items to enliven your home with optimistic springtime energy!