What Makes A Good Wedding?

The weekend before the one just gone, yours truly was lucky enough to attend one of the most enjoyable and lovely weddings I’ve been to for a very long time, one of my BFFs, beautiful Nikki.

Here at Zinc we get a lot of Brides considering setting up their wedding list with us (short answer is yes, we can do it!), and we get a lot of people buying wedding gifts, so it got me thinking about what makes a really good wedding…

Of course every wedding is personal and what one couple loves another may hate, but we think that from a guest’s point of view there are a few little tips that can make the day that little bit more special.


Question mark
While it is the happy couple’s big day and extremely special to them, you have to be realistic in that it is probably one of several weddings your guests may attend this year. What will make yours stand out is when you defy expectations. At Nikki’s wedding, she’d kept her outfits secret from all of us, even the bridesmaids. We hadn’t expected a conventional dress and veil so it was actually a huge surprise to see her looking radiant in white with a beautiful veil and a stunning ‘proper’ wedding dress! While most brides might be expected to be all in white, we didn’t expect that from Nikki and that element of surprise will stick with us as something special from the day. Also, remember the video that has gone viral on YouTube of a member of McFly singing a surprise song to his wedding guests? Sneak a few surprises in there & your wedding will be the talk of the town!

Party Time!

party time
Essentially the reception is one huge party to celebrate your marriage, so treat it like a party in every respect! The aim of the reception is for everyone to have fun. You could just offer a pint of cider and a pasty, and if the atmosphere is good then people will enjoy your wedding as much as if you’d offered a 12-course meal and Veuve on tap. So, the seating plan matters if you have one!  Put people together who will have real fun. Nikki’s wedding had two ‘naughty tables’ (yes I am proud to have been on one of them) and we just had a blast because we were sat with people whose company we enjoyed. If you’re worried about anyone getting too raucous and offending other guests just put them at the table furthest away from anyone else!


Wedding speech
Short and heartfelt is FAR better than long, rambly and trying too hard! The best man is bound to want to embarrass the Groom a bit, but when it comes to the important bits it’s just as easy to be heartfelt in just a few words as it is in a great long speech. This is particularly important if any of the speech-givers are nervous about it. Tell them they can just say a couple of sentences if that’s all they want to do, and that there’s no pressure. The speeches are a good way to bring the room back together and the attention on the Bridge and Groom after the meal, but the only criteria is that everyone gets to toast them properly.

Be Strong!

Be strong
Remember it is your day, not anyone else’s. It can be hard to ask well-meaning relatives not to interfere with your plans but remember you only get this one chance. If you do things the way other people want them done you may regret it when you look back on your day, whereas they will have long forgotten whether you took their advice or not…

Maintain A Sense Of Humour!

I’m not sure if the registrar appreciated us bridesmaids giggling like schoolgirls when she asked us all to ‘be upstanding for the bride’s entrance’ but I like to think it helped dispel some of the nervous energy in the room at that moment! And for me and my fellow bridesmaids, either we found something to giggle at or we would have been in buckets of tears. And that just won’t do when a girl needs to keep her mascara intact.


Let go of controlling every last detail on the day. This day isn’t about doing things a certain way, it’s about celebrating. So if the timescale slips by an hour or more, something gets forgotten, or things aren’t done in the order you planned, don’t sweat it.

Have fun!

have fun
And most importantly - enjoy it, and make it last as long as possible. Don’t get wrapped up in the event itself too much to just let go and have a lot of fun with all your best friends and family. Nikki’s wedding was beautiful and sophisticated in every way, like the Bride herself, but it culminated in a group of us still in black tie in a seedy nightclub at 1am doing tequila shots and dancing Gangnam Style. And I don’t think anyone would have had it any other way.