The Results of a Creative Evening

We've had a few cold & rainy days recently, which has provided the perfect opportunity to spend our evenings curled up on the sofa under a cosy Stunning French Quilt, listening to some lovely music, drinking wine out of a beautiful Wine Glass, and jotting down whatever we feel like into one of our fabulous Notebooks. Here is an example of the fabulous results that you might end up with... (curtesy of our esteemed Manager's recent Zinc-inspired evening!)

Grumpy Chicken        The Grumpy Chicken and the Moon

Silver Moonlight, shining bright
Lighting up the creatures of the night.

But grumpy Chicken is trying to sleep
She doesn't like the way Moon's rays leap.

'Silly old Moon,' she crossly exclaims
'Doesn't he know this is no time for games?

He shines all night so selfishly
Without a thought for poor little me.

Do go away you silly old Moon
I really don't want you in my room.

I'd be happy never to see you again
You must understand, I'm a busy hen!'


Moon sighs quietly in the twinkling sky
'I shine as bright as I can and she doesn't know why

I keep her company all night long
Tickling her feathers with my nighttime song.'

Nights go by and Moon seems offended
But grumpy chicken thinks the darkness is splendid.

She sent Moon away and for now she is glad
Poor old Moon gets smaller and sad.

The nights are dark but still hen's sleep is disturbed
She wakes early in the dark and waits for the birds.

Birds No Moon

'I feel a little guilty for being cross with the Moon
Now I wake in the night with no friend in my room.

Each night he gets paler and I'm worried for him
He got smaller and smaller and terribly thin.

I didn't want him around and now he is sick
If he never comes back I'll be a lonely chick.'

The birds chuckle fondly at poor silly hen
'Don't worry, Moon will come back again.

As the month rolls by Earth hides him from view
But in a few days time he'll be shiny as new.'

Earth And Moon

Sure enough Moon gets brighter and brighter
Grumpy Chicken feels better as the nights are lighter.

The Moon smiles broadly at his dear little friend
And she is glad to see him again.

Chicken and Moon 3