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  1. Moon - Acre of Land Gift Pack

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    Acre of Land on the Moon


    Ok, we know - this is crazy right? Can't be possible, right? Well actually it is, and we think this has got to be genuinely the most unusual, exciting, bizarre,... Learn More


  2. Dine Teapot, by LSA

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    Dine Teapot, by LSA


    There are so many bad teapots in the world that we were delighted to find a good one. In classic white it'll go as well alongside your chipped mugs in... Learn More


  3. Industrial Chic Zinc Letter Tray

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    Industrial Chic Zinc Letter Tray


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    Stylish, vintage-inspired zinc letter tray, a la Inspector Clouseau! Desk storage isn't usually very exciting, but these trays are just so appealing, sexy and practical. Stylish, vintage-inspired zinc letter... Learn More


  4. Industrial Chic Zinc Wastepaper Basket

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    Industrial Chic Zinc Wastepaper Basket


    Out with the plastic bucket and in with a funky chic wire basket! It's a bit odd getting carried away about a wastepaper bin, we know, but just check... Learn More


  5. Puppies

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    Pet Photoshoot


    Is your Canary ready for it's close-up? Is your Bunny buffed to perfection? Does your Dog desire to strike a pose? Does your Cat love the camera? Does your Goldfish... Learn More


  6. Recipe Organiser

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    Recipe Organiser

    ISBN: 9781849753753

    This fabulous recipe organiser is the perfect gift for any domestic gods or goddesses in your life! Featuring lined pages, to provide space for jotting down recipes; 8 tabbed dividers to... Learn More


  7. Thoughtful Gardener Secateurs

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    Thoughtful Gardener Secateurs


    We don't know about you, but we're addicted to pruning, so thank goodness for these stylish and practical secateurs! We think your garden is part of your home, and these fabulous... Learn More


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