Industrial Chic Zinc Wastepaper Basket

Product Code: KA3504


Out with the plastic bucket and in with a funky chic wire basket! It's a bit odd getting carried away about a wastepaper bin, we know, but just check out the curves on this lovely thing and the funky wire mesh.

This would go rather well with a stylish white gloss desk, but it would also bring a touch of glamour to a dingy call-centre cubicle, if that's where you work. This basket would also look rather good in a pale grey French-inspired bedroom, with big drapes, a huge bed and piles of books (although if you're anything like us we'd probably end up throwing our clothes in it when we can't be bothered to hang them up).

Yes, we just got excited about a bin. Your screwed up ramblings and doodles deserve to end their life in this basket.

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Metal, 30cm high, Colour: Zinc

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