Dine Cappuccino Cup, by LSA

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We wanted to find the definitive coffee cup, so here it is. This Dine Cappuccino Cup is worthy of a scene in 'Chocolat', great for an after-dinner cappuccino and even better for that first heavenly cup of coffee in the morning.

Ideally fill your Dine Cappuccino Cup with Origin Coffee and serve with fresh bread and homemade French marmalade, and have it brought to you in bed by Johnny Depp or Juliette Binoche.

This gift boxed set of four large Dine Cappuccino Cups is perfect for proper Lattes or large Cappuccinos.

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    Dine Cappuccino Cup, by LSA
  • http://www.zincandco.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/75a803423bc516180b4488fa57bd6281/d/i/dine_cappuccino_cup_-_large_2.png
    Dine Cappuccino Cup, by LSA


4 cups and saucers, white porcelain, gift-boxed. Large Dine Cappuccino Cup: 350ml.

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