'This Day is the First Day', Vintage Poster by Lucia Pearce

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This was a fabulous find for us - a large collection of original, pristine, perfectly preserved 1960s posters by the artist formerly known as Lucia Pearce (now Lucia Capacchione). There are only a few hundred of these in the world and we think all these posters are absolutely stunning.

The words on this poster say: 'This Day is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life'. What could be more positive and life-affirming than that? And because of the wonderful design and fab colours, we never get bored of seeing that message. This would be a really wonderful wedding or new baby gift, or just a great thing to have on your wall in your bedroom - what could be nicer to wake up to?

Lucia Pearce was a crucial figure in the birth of the 'New Age' movement in California and is now a world-renowned art therapist and writer. She trained as a Montessori teacher and these posters were designed by her to uplift and inspire both adults and children, drawing on the words of writers such as Kahlil Gibran and Rilke. They are really eye-catching and the colours are so bright, with beautifully simple designs and wonderful words.

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    'This Day is the First Day', Vintage Poster by Lucia Pearce


53x76cm, unframed

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