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  1. Zinc Dining Table with Mouse Legs, by Nordal


    Nordal Zinc Dining Table with Mouse Legs


    Out of stock

    This stunning zinc-topped table by Nordal has got everything you could possibly want - style, class, quirk, perfect size and it will last forever! It's called a 'Mouse Table' because... Learn More


  2. Arne Sideboard


    Arne Sideboard


    We adore this Arne Sideboard which is based on the classic mid century designs of Arne Vodder. This version, designed by Robert Cain using colour and classic design beautifully, is... Learn More


  3. Trestle Desk or Dining Table


    Trestle Desk or Dining Table


    This such a stylish and functional table. Perfect either as a large modern retro-inspired desk, or as a fabulously fetching dining table.... Learn More


  4. Innocenti Table


    Innocenti Table


    This was a wonderful find. The Innocenti Table is just the most simple, elegant and stylish dinner table that we've seen. With its clean lines and pure aesthetics it will blend... Learn More


  5. Nordal Downtown Chair - Sulphur Spring


    Nordal Downtown Chair


    These fabulous Downtown Chairs by Nordal are so just cheerful! They are light, comfortable, easy to clean, stylish and affordable! In fact we think that they are the perfect kitchen... Learn More


  6. Nordal Downtown Stool Or Table


    Nordal Downtown Stool Or Table


    Out of stock

    The cheerfully colourful Nordal Downtown Stools can be used as a high stool to perch on, or as a stylish side table. With a range of gorgeous colours, you're guaranteed to... Learn More


  7. Lily Chair - Black


    Lily Chair


    Out of stock

    These stunning Lily Chairs have such a pleasing nature-inspired design. Perfect for a monochrome look, with an additional stylish flair. Available in Black or White, the Lily Chair is graceful but... Learn More


  8. DAX Chair - Light Blue


    DAX Chair


    Out of stock

    We love these simply stylish Eames-inspired DAX Chairs, featuring a fabulous choice of colours. The ABS shell with a deep seat pocket, integrated armrests, high backrest and waterfall seat edge ensure... Learn More


  9. Egg Chair - Pink


    Egg Chair


    We think that everyone should have at least one Big Brother style Egg Chair in their home! Hollywood has also played an important role in making this stunning chair so iconic,... Learn More


  10. Ball Chair - Black Shell Red Interior


    Ball Chair


    Out of stock

    Somehow this fabulous Ball Chair is retro and futuristic at the same time! If you want to buy just one awesome homewares item to make a bold style statement in... Learn More


  11. Slice Chair - Black


    Slice Chair


    We love the look of this funky, curvy, curl up style Slice Chair. We also love the feel of it, as it's upholstered in Cashmere! Guaranteed to add a stylish point... Learn More


  12. Lounge Chair and Ottoman


    Lounge Chair and Ottoman


    You'll be the envy of everyone will this iconic Eames-inspired Lounge Chair and Ottoman. Not only is it chic, stylish and beautiful to look at, but it's also ridiculously comfortable! It's... Learn More


  13. Maison Chair


    Maison Chair


    If you're looking for a deep, generous and comfortable chair with tactile wooden arms, then look no further. This fabulously stylish Maison Chair in Taupe will effortlessly infuse any interior with... Learn More


  14. Finn Chair


    Finn Chair


    Out of stock

    This fabulous Finn Chair in Pale Grey is understated subtle chic at it's best. Guaranteed to slot effortlessly into your home and your life. Designed by Robert Cain, the Finn Chair... Learn More


  15. Panton Chair - Purple


    Panton Chair


    We adore this ridiculously sexy Panton Chair. The original Vernor Panton S Chair has appeared on the cover of Vogue adorned by a naked Kate Moss, and it featured in... Learn More


  16. Xavier Pauchard Multi-Functional Unit


    Xavier Pauchard Multi-Functional Unit


    We love how stylish, adaptable and fun this piece of furniture is! You can use it as a stool, a bedside table, an end table, a bathroom storage unit or... Learn More


  17. Large Wooden Storage Box With Wheels, Richard Freres


    Large Wooden Storage Box With Wheels, Richard Freres


    Out of stock

    This is just the most useful and the most stylish storage box that we've seen. We've been wheeling our stuff around our home and the office ever since we found... Learn More


  18. Lantern Stand


    Lantern Stand


    Out of stock

    This beautiful Lantern Stand looks stunning, inside the home or outside in the garden. You can hang lanterns, fairy lights, ornaments and any other decorations that you can think of from... Learn More


  19. Large Hanging Lantern


    Large Hanging Lantern


    We love this large hanging lantern, particularly because of its stylish zinc finish. It reminds us of magic and Narnia... It looks especially beautiful hanging from the Nordal Lantern Stand, with... Learn More


  20. Antwerp Floor Lamp


    Antwerp Floor Lamp


    Treat yourself or a friend to a real-life Pixar floor lamp! So stylish, classy and adorable, this Antwerp Floor Lamp looks just like the parental lamp from the sweet Pixar short... Learn More


  21. Tripod Floor Lamp


    Tripod Floor Lamp


    This fantastic Tripod Floor Lamp somehow looks futuristic and retro at the same time. It reminds us of old school studio lighting, and X-Files style mood lighting. The lamps adjustable shade... Learn More


  22. Antwerp Table Lamp


    Antwerp Table Lamp


    Treat yourself or a friend to a real-life Pixar table lamp! So stylish, classy and adorable, this Antwerp Table Lamp looks just like the cute baby lamp from the sweet Pixar... Learn More


  23. Wooden Cube Table Lamp With Grey Shade


    Wooden Cube Table Lamp With Grey Shade


    This stunning lamp with a gorgeous cubed wooden base is so chic and stylish. It will look beautiful wherever you place it in your home. Whether you have one on... Learn More


  24. Kasbah Lights


    Kasbah Lights


    Out of stock

    We think these gorgeous Kasbah Fairy Lights are just stunning. Add some relaxing, colourful Eastern decadence to your home. They remind us of beautiful Egyptian lanterns. When they are draped across... Learn More


  25. Grand Maroq Lights


    Grand Maroq Lights


    These stunning, chic Grand Maroq Fairy Lights create such a beautiful play of light wherever they are placed. They can compliment a subtle, neutral home décor design, or be part of... Learn More


  26. Space Man Light Chain


    Space Man Light Chain


    These Spaceman Chain Lights are the perfect gift for space fans of any age! They will go perfectly with an acre of Moon, Mars or Venus!... Learn More


  27. Ridley’s Glow Stars


    Ridley’s Glow Stars


    Everyone needs at least one set of these lovely Ridley's Glow Stars in their bedroom, whatever their age or gender. The perfect present to accompany a Name A Star Gift Pack,... Learn More


  28. Birds In A Tree Candle Holder


    Birds In A Tree Candle Holder


    Bring a stunning touch of nature into your home with this stylish Birds In A Tree Candle Holder. The intricate details of the tree and the birds is very pleasing, while... Learn More


  29. Driftwood And Birds Candlestick/Vase


    Driftwood and Birds Candlestick/Vase


    This is a really delicate white china driftwood-style candlestick with two little birds perching on it, which can also be used as a vase for a single flower. Somehow... Learn More


  30. Gorgeous Tealight Holders


    Gorgeous Tealight Holders


    Tealights, just so pretty. We can't get enough of them and we wanted to find some really lovely tealight holders to prove that candles still make great gifts. Tealights can instantly... Learn More


  31. Decorative Knob, By Nordal


    Decorative Knob, By Nordal


    Out of stock

    When we need to find the perfect finishing touch for a cupboard, drawer or door, this white distressed chic Decorative Knob by Nordal is our favourite option.... Learn More


  32. What should be


    'What Should Be' Vintage Poster by Lucia Pearce


    This was a fabulous find for us - a large collection of original, pristine, perfectly preserved 1960s posters by the artist formerly known as Lucia Pearce (now Lucia Capacchione). There... Learn More


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