Orange Retro Mini Vinyl Turntable With Built-in Speakers

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We love love love these retro record players. Vinyl is totally coming back into fashion and when you hear it again it does make you wonder why we put up with listening to digital music through crappy computer speakers so often.

These turntables make a perfect gift for any music lover, young or old. Most of us over 30 have a stash of old records hidden somewhere but if not then get this and buy a couple of classic vintage records from ebay or your local record shop - we bet there's one hidden in the back corner of an indoor market near you that you have no idea is there!

There's absolutely no better way to evoke some warm nostalgia and misty memories of bopping around to your favourite Bananarama or Led Zeppelin record. And it's a lot of fun showing one of these to a teenager for the first time and getting them to try and figure out how it works - it's technology that the over 30's understand better than they do, ha!

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    Orange Retro Mini Vinyl Turntable With Built-in Speakers


Ultra Compact size Portable Semi-Automatic Retro 60's Style Record Player * Carry Handle and closing clasps * Plays 33, 45 & 78rpm Records * Detachable Lid (containing Stereo Speakers) * Plays all size records with speaker detached * Line-Out Jack (RCA - L + R) * Subwoofer Output Socket * Stereo Speakers built into detachable Lid: 2 x 1.5W RMS (speaker connection lead supplied) * Sound Output: 20W p.m.p.o. * Finished in Leather effect Vinyl - choice of 4 colours * Aux-In Socket (3.5mm dia. - lead supplied) * 12V DC Out Socket * Powered via 12 AC-DC Adaptor (supplied)

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