Nordal Zinc Dining Table with Mouse Legs

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This stunning zinc-topped table by Nordal has got everything you could possibly want - style, class, quirk, perfect size and it will last forever! It's called a 'Mouse Table' because old kitchen tables would have had these funny ball-topped legs to stop mice running up them. While we hope this isn't a problem in most homes these days, the brilliant shape makes this table look really interesting and unique.

The legs are distressed wood (so no need to worry about the first time someone accidentally kicks it!) and the top is covered in sheets of gorgeous zinc, which is hard wearing and looks simply fantastic.

This grey and white table will work in any setting, so dress it up with sophisticated formal chairs and make it glam, or pair it with old wooden benches for rustic chic. It's also a really good size, easily seating 10 people, or 12 to 14 if you don't mind getting cosy.

We think that paired with our brightly coloured Downtown chairs this is the best looking dining table in the world.

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    Zinc Dining Table with Mouse Legs, by Nordal


Net weight 53kg: Height 77cm: Depth 101cm: Length 200cm

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