Acre of Land on the Moon

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Ok, we know - this is crazy right? Can't be possible, right? Well actually it is, and we think this has got to be genuinely the most unusual, exciting, bizarre, interesting gift you could ever give or receive. It's the deeds to an actual plot of land on the Moon - a whole acre. How cool is that?!

We know it doesn't seem like it can be for real, but it really is genuine and legal - the land was claimed by a man called Dennis Hope who discovered a loophole in the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, the only relevant international law to do with extra-terrestrial land ownership. Using that loophole he registered a claim to ALL the planets in the Solar System (yes, really!) with the United Nations and other major governments. That was way back in 1980, and in all that time no-one has been able to come up with a reason why his claim should not be valid.

Now obviously you can't get there yet, although Richard Branson is working on it with Virgin Galactic, but you can certainly dream, and one day this may have been money well spent.

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    Moon - Acre of Land Gift Pack
    Moon - Acre of Land Gift Pack


You get a deed that gives you your unique Lot Reference Number, and a map showing you where the plot is, and loads of other info about how it's all possible. You even get the Mineral Rights to your plot so if there's anything to be mined under your plot it's all yours! You do have to agree to allow exploration of your land though, so if Nasa lands, you can't charge them landing fees we're afraid. But all plots are sold on the side of the Moon that faces Earth, so you will be able to see it with a good telescope. For £18 we think this is a pretty awesome gift.

Each Gift Pack contains;
• Lunar Deed
• Lunar Map
• Mineral Rights
• Welcome Letter
• Bill of Rights and Lunar Constitution
• Registration Form
• I Own the Moon coaster

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