Acre of Land on Mars

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Ok, we know - this is crazy right? Can't be possible, right? Well actually it is, and we think this has got to be genuinely the most unusual, exciting, bizarre, interesting gift you could ever give or receive. It's the deeds to an actual plot of land on Mars - a whole acre at that. How cool is that?!

They say men are from Mars, and now you can send a few of them back there - to their very own plot. Everyone dreams of going into space, and while we can't sell you a ticket for that, we can give you the deeds so you have somewhere to stay when you get there! As strange as it seems, this is a completely genuine and legal gift, and just the most awesome thing you could ever buy (with the possible exception of land on the Moon or Venus - see our other items!), and will generate more interest and discussion than anything else. Apparently Moon Estates can't guarantee that the Curiosity Rover won't be drawing rude pictures on your plot or that you won't encounter Marvin the Martian, but they do guarantee you'll love this.

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    Mars - Acre of Land Gift Pack
    Mars - Acre of Land Gift Pack


You get a deed that gives you your unique Lot Reference Number, and a map showing you where the plot is, and loads of other info about how it's all possible, all presented in an A5-size gift tin. You even get the Mineral Rights to your plot so if there's anything to be mined within your acre it's all yours! The Curiosity Rover could be exploring your plot right now... For £18 we think that this is a pretty awesome gift. Buy alongside an acre of land on Venus as a wedding present package and we guarantee it'll be the most original gift you could possibly give the bride and groom!

Each Gift Pack contains;
• Martian Deed
• Martian Map
• Mineral Rights
• Welcome Letter
• Bill of Rights and Constitution
• Registration Form
• I Own Mars coaster

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