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  1. Large Wooden Storage Box With Wheels, Richard Freres


    Large Wooden Storage Box With Wheels, Richard Freres


    Out of stock

    This is just the most useful and the most stylish storage box that we've seen. We've been wheeling our stuff around our home and the office ever since we found... Learn More


  2. Nordal Downtown Chair - Sulphur Spring


    Nordal Downtown Chair


    These fabulous Downtown Chairs by Nordal are so just cheerful! They are light, comfortable, easy to clean, stylish and affordable! In fact we think that they are the perfect kitchen... Learn More


  3. Nordal Downtown Stool Or Table


    Nordal Downtown Stool Or Table


    Out of stock

    The cheerfully colourful Nordal Downtown Stools can be used as a high stool to perch on, or as a stylish side table. With a range of gorgeous colours, you're guaranteed to... Learn More


  4. Thirsty Bird Water Dispenser


    Thirsty Bird Water Dispenser


    This Thirsty Bird Water Dispenser is the most adorable way to encourage you to drink more water. It's just so satisfying to pour bottled water using this cute little bird.... Learn More


  5. Tripod Floor Lamp


    Tripod Floor Lamp


    This fantastic Tripod Floor Lamp somehow looks futuristic and retro at the same time. It reminds us of old school studio lighting, and X-Files style mood lighting. The lamps adjustable shade... Learn More


  6. Antwerp Table Lamp


    Antwerp Table Lamp


    Treat yourself or a friend to a real-life Pixar table lamp! So stylish, classy and adorable, this Antwerp Table Lamp looks just like the cute baby lamp from the sweet Pixar... Learn More


  7. Wooden Cube Table Lamp With Grey Shade


    Wooden Cube Table Lamp With Grey Shade


    This stunning lamp with a gorgeous cubed wooden base is so chic and stylish. It will look beautiful wherever you place it in your home. Whether you have one on... Learn More


  8. Industrial Chic Zinc Wastepaper Basket


    Industrial Chic Zinc Wastepaper Basket


    Out with the plastic bucket and in with a funky chic wire basket! It's a bit odd getting carried away about a wastepaper bin, we know, but just check... Learn More


  9. Industrial Chic Zinc Storage Basket


    Industrial Chic Zinc Storage Basket


    If Inspector Clouseau went shopping for desk storage, we're pretty sure this is what he'd choose. This zinc storage basket is just so oddly French, and a bit mad. ... Learn More


  10. Industrial Chic Zinc Letter Tray


    Industrial Chic Zinc Letter Tray


    Out of stock

    Stylish, vintage-inspired zinc letter tray, a la Inspector Clouseau! Desk storage isn't usually very exciting, but these trays are just so appealing, sexy and practical. Stylish, vintage-inspired zinc letter... Learn More


  11. Sparrow Keyring and Holder


    Sparrow Keyring and Holder


    You know how it is, you get into the house & plonk your keys somewhere different every time. Then when it comes to finding them when you're in a desperate... Learn More


  12. Bunny Desk Scissors and Paperclips


    Bunny Desk Scissors and Paperclips


    Out of stock

    We love bunnies, all year round, not just at Easter! If you know someone whose desk needs cheering up, then we have the perfect gift for them. The white scissors slot... Learn More


  13. Deer In The Forest Paper Clips


    Deer In The Forest Paper Clips


    This adorable little deer will keep you company at home or at the office, as well as tidying and guarding your paper clip stash! A lovely little present for fans of... Learn More


  14. The Last Log Pencil Sharpener


    The Last Log Pencil Sharpener


    Out of stock

    Squirrel! Sorry, we can't resist saying that periodically, after seeing the movie "Up"... This adorable pencil sharpener will keep you company at home or in the office, and the sharpenings look... Learn More


  15. Note Squirrel


    Note Squirrel


    Do you know someone whose computer screen looks like a Post-It Note fairy threw up on it? Then we have the perfect gift for them! This quirky little orange squirrel... Learn More


  16. Yay Lunch! Box


    Yay Lunch! Box


    We adore this bright, bold, fun and cheerful lunch box. The perfect present for children and adults alike, this funky box, with it's quirky and practical elasticated strap, is guaranteed... Learn More


  17. Happy Jackson Sticky Paper Tape


    Happy Jackson Sticky Paper Tape


    This colourful, patterned and fun Happy Jackson Sticky Paper Tape is perfect for wrapping up your gorgeous gifts at any time of year! Make your wrapped presents pop!... Learn More


  18. Happy Jackson Pen Orgy Pencil Case


    Happy Jackson Pen Orgy Pencil Case


    This awesome bright yellow glossy Pen Orgy Pencil Case by Happy Jackson makes us giggle every time we see it. Add some raunchy silliness to someone's day. The Happy Jackson Pen... Learn More


  19. Happy Jackson Pencil Set


    Happy Jackson Pencil Set


    This is by far the most cheerful and fun pencil set that we've seen. Each brightly coloured pencil features a funky phrase, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. This Happy... Learn More


  20. Stack-a-Doodle Draw and Build


    Stack-a-Doodle Draw and Build


    In the world of novelty office equipment, this amazing little building block crayon set reigns supreme. If you want to liven up your desk, or that of a deserving colleague,... Learn More


  21. Rob Ryan Journal


    Rob Ryan Journal


    We can't resist this unashamedly pretty girly notebook. Featuring the classic whimsical paper cut design style of Rob Ryan, there's nowhere lovelier to record your thoughts, doodles and memos. The perfect gift... Learn More


  22. Serious Notebook A5


    Serious Notebook A5


    The peerless professional notebook, ideal for use in the office, at lectures or at intellectual events. Guaranteed to help you look studious and sincere (as long as others don't read... Learn More


  23. Organising My Life, Little Notebook


    Organising My Life, Little Notebook


    Out of stock

    This colourful little notebook made us chuckle, with it's wry cover title of 'Futile Attempt At Organising My Life'. It can feel like that sometimes, but we find that scribbling lists,... Learn More


  24. Gems of Insight, Little Notebook


    Gems of Insight, Little Notebook


    We love this incredibly girly small notebook. It's the perfect size to slip into your handbag, so you can record all of your creative insights, as well as your important... Learn More


  25. Thoughts And Doodles Large Jotter


    Thoughts And Doodles Large Jotter


    The perfect place to jot down all of those inspirational musings. Hopefully after committing your thoughts and doodles to paper in this wonderful notepad, it will not be long before... Learn More


  26. Random Crap Large Jotter


    Random Crap Large Jotter


    Ideal for lists, perfect for poetry and delightful for doodles. This bold, colourful and funky large jotter is crying out to be filled with all of the random crap that... Learn More


  27. Hedgerow Mug


    Hedgerow Mug


    We love this bright, summery, nature-inspired Hedgerow Mug. Its simple but bold design in yellow and white really helps us to wake up on those drowsy mornings. A perfectly cheerful... Learn More


  28. Joy of Coffee, Edward Monkton Mug


    Joy Of Coffee Edward Monkton Mug


    Crazy quirky wonderful words of wisdom from Edward Monkton, for coffee lovers everywhere. "And those that sipped this warm and mellow potion were filled with such ELATION that their HEARTS could... Learn More


  29. Tea of Love, Edward Monkton Mug


    Tea Of Love Edward Monkton Mug


    Ah, the quirky, crazy wisdom of Edward Monkton, on a mug for all tea lovers. "Whatever crazy set of cards fate deals you from above, may your cup of life be... Learn More


  30. Knickers Mug


    Knickers Mug


    This fun, quirky Edward Monkton Knickers Mug makes us giggle. The wording on one side reads; "ANYTHING is POSSIBLE "Anything is possible," she believed, so she grew WINGS and flew like... Learn More


  31. Facebook Mug


    Facebook Mug


    This Facebook Mug is kind of creepily accurate. The wording on the side reads; "Facebook is the new Hotel California. You can log out any time you like but you'll... Learn More


  32. Chillax Mug


    Chillax Mug


    Chillax: A combination of the words 'chill' and 'relax', meaning to calm down, chill out and relax. It's even in the Oxford English Dictionary! We recommend this Chillax To The Max... Learn More


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