Origin Coffee - Brazilian Fazenda Mariano

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This is simply the most delicious coffee we've tasted in a long time.

With toffee sweetness, this ground coffee is rich and rounded with a chocolatey, hazelnut praline flavour.

The perfect present for coffee lovers everywhere!

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    Origin Coffee - Brazilian Fazenda Mariano


Farm: Fazenda Mariano. Processing: Pulped Natural. Owner: Ricardo Barbosa. Region: Pocos de Caldas, Minas Gerias. 250g, ground coffee beans. The Mariano farm is located high above the spa town of Pocos De Caldas a beautiful spa town in the south Minas Gerias. The coffee displays all of the classic flavours associated with good coffee from this mountainous region. It has lots and lots of toffee sweetness it is rich, rounded and chocolatey and has a lovely hazelnut praline taste. This coffee is traded under the Origin Coffee Farmer30 agreement. Farmer30 is an internal certification we created here at Origin to make sure we are doing all we can to look after the farmers we buy from. Our certification is based on a financial, social and environmental audit and we like to think it goes one step further to encourage farmers to reinvest in their crops and workers, making a better quality product with people that are treated fairly and most importantly, are happy at work. The audit allows us to visit farms and build face-to-face relationships with growers that we can then rely on for their consistent quality. When we are happy with the level of care the farms provide for the workers, their families and the environment we agree on a price that ensures a minimum of 30% profit margin.

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