Own a Piece of the Bahamas!

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Ever dreamt about having your very own tropical retreat like Necker Island? How about owning a piece of land in the Bahamas? Yep, us too! Well believe it or not, now you really can own your very own piece of paradise.

The lucky recipient of this gift pack will be able boast that they genuinely got given a plot of land in the Bahamas, and we reckon that's pretty fabulous. And you never know, they might take you with them to visit it! The recipient becomes the Beneficial Owner of the plot for a period of ten years, there are no taxes etc to pay, and the plots are located on Little Exuma Island, which has some of the most stunning beaches in the world. You won't actually be able to build on this plot as it's only a foot square, but what an amazing thing to be able to say you own. Mix us up a tropical rum punch please...

The gift pack contains a registration form, so just send us the details requested on there via the post, email or phone, to get the official land title deeds, and there's info about the island and the estate where the plot is located, and a Bahamas guidebook to really get you in the spirit!

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    Own a Piece of the Bahamas! Gift
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    Own a Piece of the Bahamas! Gift - Contents


The 'Own a Piece of the Bahamas' Gift Pack contains:
• Gift Announcement Certificate
• Welcome Letter
• Local map and images
• Registration Form
• Bahamas guidebook

We do not need the name of the recipient at this stage - just fill out the registration form inside the pack and pop it in the post, email the details, or give us a call with the required information, then we will issue a personalised Land Title Deed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the land really mine?
Yes - as soon as we receive your registration and you sign the Contract we will confirm you as Beneficial Owner of a particular plot of land on the Island Harbour Beach Estate on Little Exuma Island. The period of ownership has been limited to 10 years to ensure that there will be no tax or insurance liabilities for you as the owner.

Do I need to pay taxes or upkeep?
No. MoonEstates has paid all relevant taxes on the land for your 10 year period of ownership.

Can I build on the land?
While the land is yours, it is to be preserved in its natural state for the local wildlife to enjoy so you cannot build on the land or change it in any way.

Can the land be inherited or passed on to someone else?
Yes - you just need to inform Moon Estates of the changes, and for a small charge we can re-issue the ownership documents for your particular plot.

Can I own the land if I am under 18?
Yes. We can make someone who is under 18 the Beneficial Owner of the land, but the Contract must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Can I visit the land?
Yes, you can. However please note that the land has not been developed in any way - individual plots are not marked out (because that would spoil the estate) and the estate can only be accessed by a 4x4 vehicle. There are no facilities on the estate at present.

What does the estate look like and what lives there?
The land is currently scrub and brush, with a variety of trees. There are only 13 native land mammals in the whole of the Bahamas, most of those being bats, but there are a number of reptiles like iguanas and snakes on the island.

How near is the estate to the beach?
The nearest beach is the spectacular Tropic of Cancer beach which is just a few minutes drive away, with beautiful white sand and crystal clear shallow waters - ideal for swimming, diving, snorkelling etc.

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