Mouthwatering Large Almond-scented Soap, by Prey

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This soap doesn't just smell like almonds, it has a mouth-watering sweet marzipanny deliciousness that we wish we could convey via a website! The packaging is fab too - they're wrapped in pretty paper and sealed with wax. And because they're so big they last AGES.

Fabulous soaps should no longer be the preserve of your Gran, although we're pretty sure that she will approve of these! Of all the soaps we could have chosen for the Zinc collection, we chose these because they are just perfect. And thanks to them our warehouse and offices smell amazing. We weren't sure we'd ever find soaps that got us really excited, but these actually do.

Stunning, huge, and beautifully-scented, these soaps make ideal gifts. Made by traditional soap makers in Provence, this wonderful almond soap contains moisturising olive oil and shea butter and is deliciously scented with natural essential oils.

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    Mouthwatering Large Almond-scented Soap


250g - wrapped in decorative paper and sealed with wax

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