Serious Notebook A5

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The peerless professional notebook, ideal for use in the office, at lectures or at intellectual events. Guaranteed to help you look studious and sincere (as long as others don't read the small print on the cover!).

We think this notebook is the equivalent of those socks you can get that look like they're plain black from the ankle up, but they're actually fun, crazy and colourful on the sole.

The perfect present for upstanding citizens with a mischievous side!

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    Serious Notebook A5
    Serious Notebook A5
    Serious Notebook A5


21 x 14.5 cm Medium sized (A5) Happy Jackson black notebook with blue gilded edges. Features a vibrant green elastic band to keep your pages secure whilst on the move. Half plain, half lined paper. The wording on the cover reads 'Serious Notebook (so people think you know what you're doing)'

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