Sparrow Keyring and Holder

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You know how it is, you get into the house & plonk your keys somewhere different every time. Then when it comes to finding them when you're in a desperate rush, there's just no predicting where you might have left them. Not any more...

Not only does this adorable little sparrow look lovely with your keys attached, but it also doubles as a whistle! As if that wasn't wonderful enough, it also has its own little bird house that you can attach to the wall, by the foam tape that is included, or with a screw.

Which means that the next time you get into the house, it'll be a pleasure to pop your lovely little sparrow friend in its lovely little bird house, and never lose your keys again! You'll even be whistling with delight...

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    Sparrow Keyring and Holder
    Sparrow Keyring and Holder


Whistle + Key Ring + Key Holder, House Height: 7.5cm Width: 6.5cm Depth: 4cm, Bird Height: 2cm

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