Stylish Winebox Holder

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Wineboxes... Not really the most stylish or classy of items really, are they? They have a bit of a bad wrap in the UK, and yet it's totally normal for a French or Italian family to buy their wine from the local vineyard in boxes.

Our supermarkets do now have some good wines available in boxes, and they make sense as you always have wine on tap, but you can have just one glass without needing to open a whole bottle. So when we saw these winebox holders we realised what a great idea they are, as with this you can have wineboxes in your kitchen but keep them classy and stylish.

You take the internal bag of wine out of the box and put it inside this holder, and it even comes with changeable labels to tell you which colour wine you've got on tap. And when you have guests round how much nicer to serve wine in a carafe, poured from your winebox holder, than just plonking a bottle on the table. Simple and stylish but really practical.

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    Stylish Winebox Holder


3 litre metal holder, 17x10x22cm

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