Thirsty Bird Water Dispenser

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This Thirsty Bird Water Dispenser is the most adorable way to encourage you to drink more water. It's just so satisfying to pour bottled water using this cute little bird. All you have to do is attach the thirsty bird to the cap of most bottled waters, invert the bottle, and pour as required. So simple but so effective!

The perfect gift for the Domestic Goddess who has every other kitchen gadget...

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    Thirsty Bird Water Dispenser


Setting up your portable water dispenser:

1. Create your stand by sliding the 3 legs into the main body.

2. Attach your water bottle to the main body (use the cap adapter if necessary).

3. Release the water by pushing your sparrow toward the bottle!

Works best with still water. Dimensions: 17.5cm x 18.5cm x 23cm. Suits two different sizes of bottles - some minimal assembly required.

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