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Wow, what could be more romantic or special than having your very own star named after you? We love this gift pack for the sheer childish exuberance that being able to look up at the stars and say 'that one's mine' would bring! This is just such a lovely gift, whether for a Christening, wedding, or 100th birthday.

The gift pack contains a star map so you can learn all the major constellations, as well as helping to locate your own star's co-ordinates. There's no need to provide the name of the recipient at this stage - just fill out the registration form inside the pack and pop it in the post, email the details, or give us a call with the required information, and when the Intergalactic Star Database receives it they will allocate a particular star and send the official documents out.

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    Name a Star Gift


The 'Name a Star' Gift Pack contains:

• Gift Announcement Certificate
• Star Co-ordinates Doc
• Welcome Letter
• Registration Form
• Little Book of the Solar System

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