White Pet Water Bottle

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This is the coolest and most clever pet water bottle that we've ever seen! It releases water as your dog licks - genius!

The White design is simple, stylish and classy. It's perfect for using outdoors, on walks, on holidays, and while exercising. It even includes a handy clip so that you can clip it on to your bag or belt.

The perfect present for dog owners.

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    White Pet Water Bottle
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    Dog drinking from pet water bottle
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    Closeup of pet water bottle nozzle


Patented lick 'n flow system releases water as your dog licks. Stainless steel water bottle. Avoids water spills and prevents waste. Leak resistant caps. Large opening for easy clean and fill. Clips to your bag or belt. Holds 500ml of water. White design. By Long Paws.

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